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Are you a skilled contractor looking for new opportunities to grow your business? Join Builder Breeze, a platform designed specifically to help you connect with homeowners seeking qualified professionals for their home improvement projects.

How It Works

#1 Create Your Profile

Sign up for a free account and create a professional contractor profile showcasing your expertise, qualifications, and portfolio of completed projects.

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Explore our vast selection of homeowner-posted projects in need of skilled contractors like yourself.

#3 Submit Your Bid or Contact Homeowner

Place a competitive bid on projects that match your skills, experience, and availability. Or if you wish to communicate via phone, choose to pay a fee which will reveal their contact information.

#4 Communicate with Homeowners

Use our platform to communicate directly with homeowners, answer their questions, and provide any additional information they may require. We have an online chat you can use. Also any docuemnts you want them to sign or upload for records we will add them to the project.

#5 Secure New Projects

Win projects based on your expertise, quality of work, and competitive pricing.

#6 Get Paid Securely

Receive payments directly through our secure payment system upon you set schedule and project completion.

Our Commitment:
At Builder Breeze, we aim to provide a transparent, efficient, and reliable platform for contractors and homeowners to connect. Our goal is to help you grow your business by providing a steady stream of new clients and projects while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.
Online bids and leads cost much less than our competition. For online bids contractors are only charged if the customer selects your bid.
We do not have any monthly contracts or fees.
Optionally save time and money by bidding online. Customers will provide project details when creating a project.
Online chat feature is built in for easy communication to the customer. Any questions you have can be answered before bidding, during the project, or after the project is complete.
Before purchasing a customer lead we disclose how many times the it has been purchased.
In the dashboard, the map will display where all the projects are. Easily group projects in the same location to avoid additional driving.
Payment system ensures the funds are in escrow to avoid the customer not paying.
All project information is tracked including chat history, uploaded documents, pictures, and payments, to avoid miscommunication and disputes.
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