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How It Works

#1 Create a new project

Create a new project for your home or property. Describe the project with as much detail as possible, optionally including measurements and pictures. If applicable, also include desired pictures or any unique materials you want to use. Submit for bidding.

#2 Review bids & chat

Your project will be posted for contractors to either place a bid online or call you. Review the online bids. Utilize the online chat feature to ask any questions or negotiate with the contractor.

#3 Accept & Start

Once accepted, use the recommended payment system, which tracks your project and ensures funds are secure. A digital record of all the project details, including documents, payments, pictures, and dates, will be recorded. Funds are secured in escrow until work is completed.

#4 Check status and release payments

Check the status of the project and release funds from the escrow based on the terms you and your contractor agreed on.

Free, simple, easy, and fast to submit a project.
Online bidding allows customers to receive multiple offers online without taking time off work or having strangers enter your house.
Maintain privacy using our online chat to communicate with contractors. Questions can be answered before, during, or after the project is complete.
Payment system ensures your money is safe until the job is complete.
The ability to share desired images from social media, websites, or your phone.
All project information is tracked, including chat history, uploaded documents, pictures, and payments, to avoid miscommunication and disputes.
Contractor ratings, reviews, and past work are available.
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